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The beer bike's route has been limited by the government. Please inquire about the new route in email. 


Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities of Eastern Europe - at least that’s what our guests keep telling when they finally get to see it from the benches of our beer bikes. We tour some of the best attractions of the city, and with a cold beer in hand, pedaling to the humming rhythm of legs at work, it is easy to fall in love with this magnificent city!

Heroes Square and Andrássy Avenue

The tours start and end at the iconic Heroes’ Square. Iconic, as in you have probably seen it on a postcard. What you don’t see on these cards are the happy beer bike groups embarking on an adventure down the pulsing artery of budapest, Andráss Avenue. Dotted with trees and embassies, Andrássy Avenue is the Champs-Élysées of Budapest. But foreign dignitaries and a numb flow of midday traffic would be just too damp for a livid city such as Budapest, and that’s why we decided to pump up the atmosphere with our beer bikes. Stately? Nope. Interesting? You bet! Ever seen three beer bikes racing down on an otherwise dignified avenue? Not yet? You do not know what you’re missing!

City Park, a Subject to Captain’s Discretion

When you board a beer bike you are at the mercy of the Beer Captain. Just like on a regular boat, he (or she!) has full command of the vessel, and the captain, as a matter of fact, presides over life and death, or safety and thirst of the crew. Sometimes the captain, listening to his ever wise judgment, which relies on knowing the day’s traffic and actual events, may decide to command the beer bike to the City Park, instead of Andrássy Avenue. The City Park is often cited as a welcome escape from the rushes of the city by locals. For us, it is a bit, well, different. If Andrássy Avenue is the Grand Canal of beer bike adventures, then City Park is like rafting trip in the mountains. More nature, less traffic, and lots of yelling and soaking!

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