Weird Beer Drinking Habits Around the World

Did you know that serving your own drink in France is considered a serious sign of bad taste? Well, if no, we will give you a quick guide on how to drink safely all around the world. Just remember these customs when travelling or taking a beer bike in Budapest!

Saying a toast can be a highlight of a dinner or a long night of drinking. In Georgia, they take this very seriously. You’re not supposed to down your wine or beer right away, rather you have to save it for a toast. An average toast can last for 20 minutes, if it is a well orchestrated speech. Of course, you’re invited to participate. Make sure to go into details, short speeches are considered impolite.

If you decide to go on a wedding in Ukraine, try to understand the following. If a bride doesn’t keep her feet on the ground, her shoes might get stolen by someone lurking underneath the table – mostly kids. If it is found, everybody at the table will drink wine from it.

Young people should be careful in China when having a drink with the locals. When it comes to toast or a clinking of glasses, seniors hold their glasses higher than youngsters. Try to pick a suitable height for your glass to keep the local customs. The first drink is usually drowned in one and you have to put your glasses uptourned on the table to show it is done for.

Hungary is famous for beer sightseeing and beer bikes, but keep an important fact in mind. When the revolution and fight for independence of 1848 was crushed by Austria, 13 generals of the Hungarian army were executed and their deaths were celebrated with the clinking of beer glasses by the Austrians. Since then, Hungarians don’t clink and say cheers when having a beer.

This should be sufficient for now, you can travel the world and be merry without fear. If you decide to come to Budapest for a beer bike adventure, make sure to check out our site and choose from the best deals in town!

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