Usefull Hungarian phrases for the night

Hungarian is a pretty hard language to learn. Some say it is even harder than Chinese. Well, you have to figure it out. When you’re on a beer bike adventure in Budapest, you will need to communicate with the locals. Most people can speak English, mostly youngsters, but here’s a short dictionary for you to make good use of!

Hungarians simply love when you speak their language. They appreciate the effort and know very well that it is a hard language for foreigners to grasp. For pronunciation, check the online dictionaries or google translate! Let’s see a few situations when they can come handy:

Két sört kérek! – Two beers please! Probably the most useful sentence in a pub, it needs no explanation. Kérek, meaning please, puts a polite tone to it, so it is highly recommended to use it!

Még egy kört kérek! – Another round, please! Closely connected to the previous one, simplifies a lot of things.

Készpénzzel fizetek! – I’ll pay in cash! Another thing you will need to know, whether you need a hamburger to soak the alcohol in, or if you’re ordering for a ticket somewhere.

Nem beszélek magyarul. – I don’t speak Hungarian. Self explanatory, can be quite helpful.

Mit iszol? – What would you like to drink? Whenever making friends or trying to hit on local girls, it is a key phrase to speak. The answer will be easy to understand, or just point at the thing.

Szeretlek – I love you. There’s no better thing to say to anyone than this. Make good use of it!

A XY hotelban lakom! -  I stay at XY hotel. Has a lot of potential uses, might come in handy.

Bazd meg! – Fuck you! Well, not the nicest thing to say, but if you want to give a little voice to your anger, this might be a good choice. Be aware that Hungarian is very rich in swear words so you might get 10 or more in return.

When you want to enjoy Budapest, a beer sightseeing puts everything in place. Marvel at the city’s beauty and hug your mug of cold beer at the same time! Try our beer bike adventure and you will have the time of your life. Book your place now!

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