Tips for Surviving New Year’s Eve in Budapest

Tear yourself away from your central-heated surroundings and try New Year’s Eve programs in Budapest. There will some seriously good things going on to warm you up this night – here are our tips for surviving New Year’s Eve in Budapest.

Dress warmly

Less can definitely be more. But, when the temps drop, we come to love as many layers as possible. This is doubly true on New Year’s Eve, when plans call for bopping around outdoor events. The thing is, you want good-looking outerwear that can act as part of your all-night-long look, too. Pick cozy winter pieces and funk up your dressy NYE outfit with a boxy parka. Complete a house-party ensemble with a printed jacket and a scarf. Or, ditch the bottom layers all together and sport your coat as your dress. Any way you slice it, you will be warm, put-together, and ringing in the New Year with those you love.

Fireworks safety

As usual, Budapest’s official New Year’s Eve fireworks display takes place by the Danube River this December 31. An increased number of stewards will be working around the display this year. If you are not a big fan of crowd scenes try celebrating outside of the central locations and avoid the area around the official display – certain to be heavily congested for hours – completely.

Book in advance

There are many big hotels in Budapest that have good facilities and services such as Regency Suites Hotel Budapest, Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest, Budapest Panorama Central, InterContinental Budapest Hotel, Hotel President, etc. If you arrange your trip to Budapest on Christmas and New Year holidays, early booking is extremely recommended.

There is a wide range of options in Budapest to choose the best setting for your ideal New Year’s Eve. Some want to do clubbing, others only want to go on beer bike tour, a concert, enjoy a bath or a private pub crawl in Budapest. There are dozens of excellent clubs, literally hundreds of restaurants with diners, several nice concerts to choose from. Find your own favorite for this New Year’s Eve!

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