5 Reasons that You Stag and Hen Party will Love Beer Bike

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The beer bike's route has been limited by the government. Please inquire about the new route in email. 

Organizing a stag and hen party might cause ambivalent feelings in one. It is a great honor but at the same time it can get quite demanding and pressuring. But hey, all in all you are still blessed with this task, right? Indeed you are, and you will surely do your best! We got your back buddy. In fact, let us help you and take that weight off your shoulders, because we’ve got an idea for you!

First of all, since you are spending your stag do in our our beloved city, it is only fair that you do some kind of sightseeing. Right? But sightseeing is boring, you say. Hang on a minute. Not with us! The solution is… beer biking!

Now that you are hyped, let’s get to the point - why you should get a Budapest beer biking tour?

  • It’s simply cool. Limo? Hummer? Party buses? Everyone can come up with those clichés. This is a much cooler and hip way of transportation. And trust me - all those envious faces on the street will be worth every penny!

  • Budapest sightseeing - from a special point of view. Yeah, sure - we all know it’s a must have program. But why mingle with other groups when you can combine sightseeing and drinking with your friends? Make it special, make it memorable by beer biking - you will start on Heroes’ Square, go through Andrássy street and run back at Oktogon. Of course, a professional driver will be at your service, making sure you  don’t miss anything you have to see on the way.

  • Drinking beer needs not excuse, but if it’s not your cup of tea, they can arrange other sort of drinks such as champagne, ciders, prosecco or quality hungarian wine. Really, it’s your decision.

  • You surely want the stag or hen to look great on their big day. Worry not, beer bikes are fueled by manpower - you have to keep on pedalling to move on. Those beers won’t take a toll on anyone’s figure, also making up for the leg days you might have missed!

  • Maybe add a beautiful girl or a handsome lad to brighten the mood? Well, of course! We have crafty bartenders at your service - if you don’t want to tap your own drink.

What are you waiting for? Book now, make your stay a memorable one. Beer biking will make the stag or hen party a unique experience!

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