Indoor Bubble Football

Beer bike in Budapest is a great way to spend a day and have an outstanding adventure. If you had your beer sightseeing, why not try something different for a change? Fans of football, jumping and fun games, we present you bubble football!

Budapest has many fascinating games for you to try. The city is full of great places that will allow you to try something new and different, like bubble football. The latest addition to football craze is an amazing way to enjoy the all time favorite football with a twist. In bubble football, you’re inside a huge inflatable zorb ball that bounces around with you. Be brave and try new stunts or jump higher than you’ve ever imagined! There are basically no limits to creativity in the game.

As winter is here, we have to save the outdoor pitch for later. However, this doesn’t mean that bubble football is off the agenda! As the game can played inside, there’s really no reason not to try it in the winter. The sports halls have excellent pitches for you to try. Just remember to wear proper shoes and pay attention to the sides, though you can be sure that you will safe inside the ball.

A bubble football game is almost the same as regular football. The rules are mostly identical, though are referees have a new approach towards faults, since the balls let you do some crazy things. Anyway, you have to respect the rules, have good team play and score a goal. How you’re going to accomplish this? Well, it’s totally up to you! Bounce around, roll and do some fancy tricks to cheat your opponent.

You don’t have to have any experience or prior knowledge in bouncing. Just get your jersey on and play! The teams will be balanced, because good skills in regular football are useful, but they won’t win you a game in bubble football. Try it out to get convinced!

If you like fun activities, like beer biking in Budapest, you will surely enjoy bubble football too.

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