Health Benefits of Drinking Beer

Breaking news! Beer, just like wine, can be good for you when consumed in moderation! Who would have thought? Well, as it turns out, scientists have been working hard towards justfying the consumption of our favorite juice. Even in the beer bike blog we have touched upon some of the benefits of beer and biking, mostly from the exercise aspect of our service provided.

Let’s start with something unexpected. For example, it is a little known fact that having a pint or two can be of great service when it comes to providing help with bowel movements. Yes, you read that right, beer helps us with pooing. How quaint is that? On a more serious note, beer is also good for reducing the risk of bowel cancer, so remember this at your next trip down to the pub!

Beer is also good for minimizing the risk of diabetes, helps with eyesight, can be beneficial to your cholesterol level, and is a good guardian of your heart. The list can go on for ages, the point we are trying to make is that, according to studies, when consumed in moderation (one pint), it is good for us. But here lies the essence of this article and the moral too. Moderation.

We have all embarked on crazy benders when the promise of endless drunken fun filled our hearts with anticipation and joy. And you can do that, for a while. But after a couple of years, as many will warn you, your body will hand in the check. There’s no going around this fact of life. Beer biking might be good fun and decent exercise, but the long term health implications of beer and drinking alcohol, is entirely in your hands. Remember to drink responsibly, and never drive while under the influence! Happy beer biking!

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