Escape Rooms: Train Your Brain

Can you imagine something more fun than taking a beer bike in Budapest in the heat of summer? Well, it is hard to match, but beer sightseeing is not the only awesome activity in the city. Let us introduce you to escape rooms!

Beer bikes help you to have an amazing night, but before that, you might want to consider something different. Escape rooms originate from Budapest, so you’re at the place where it all started. The city boasts of many different rooms, our favorite pick is Escape Room Budapest, with varying difficulty levels and backstories.

Basically, you have to follow a quest about a certain story that will let you escape the locked room. You will need a good team, great puzzle solving skills and also, a little experience from PC adventure games will help. By solving the riddles and puzzles, you can advance and open more options to find you way. Hurry up, because the clock is ticking!

These games are excellent fun, because they offer you an experience that you can share with your friends. Play together and share the thrill and excitement! This is really something that can bring together people from all walks of life. Escape games focus heavily on teamplay, so you have to delegate tasks and use your skills and strengths to beat the game.

Escape rooms are not just old basements with a locked metal door. These rooms have a detailed and artistic decoration, tested gameplay and an interesting backstory. Unlock the pharaoh’s tomb in ancient Egypt, travel through time, escape from a vicious serial killer or find yourself in the distant future! You can choose from many stories to play, so you will find the one that suites your needs. Our team will even give you costumes for certain games to really immerse yourself in the adventure!

Anybody can play the game and you can be safe here, there are no jump scares. Should you get stuck, a game master will guide you through the game. Book in advance, since these rooms sell out fast! So, after you booked your beer sightseeing in Budapest with us, make sure to check out our partner Escape Room Budapest for some smart fun!

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