Do I have to drink beer on a beer bike?

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The beer bike's route has been limited by the government. Please inquire about the new route in email. 

We often get this question, and we feel that discussing this matter is of the utmost importance. Alcohol is serious business and we are serious people. In this blog article we take a look on our selection of beer and other happy beverages.

Beer me up Scotty!

Start with the obvious one, let’s talk beer. Our bikes are equipped with massive beer kegs, and according to the tour’s preferences, we serve chilling draft beer with a maximum limit of 30 liters. That’s right, up to 60 pints my friends - enough rocket juice to fuel a group of wild beer bikers for hours! Fancy a challenge? No group has ever drunk a whole keg during a tour. Just sayin’... No pressure.


Not all our groups like to drink alcohol and we are completely fine by that. While we do have a big mouth when it comes to drinking beer, we love all groups equal and as such, we are more than happy to give beer bike rides - without beer! Isn’t that the whole point, you say? Yes, and well, no. Indeed, pedaling can be a lot easier with the aforementioned rocket juice, but the essence of a beerbike Budapest ride is not in fluids, it is teamwork. People on our bikes are happy not because they are drinking, but because they get to hang out with friends and awesome beer bike captains, while exploring the beauties of Budapest!

We pride ourselves in providing our guests the challenge of drinking a whole keg, but, granted, not everybody loves a cool beer on a scorching summer day. And that is fine by us. In fact, we try to give the beer bikers a rich selection! Are you into fröccs? Maybe love a smooth rosé? No problem! Let us know and everything shall be arranged in a prompt and professional manner! After all, Wine Bike does have a nice ring to it....

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