Best Sports Bars in Budapest


As one of the oldest franchises - that’s right! - Champs offers a multitude of options when it comes to watching your team play. With several locations in the city Champs is a great choice when it comes to major (and even minor!) international and local sporting events. Naturally though, their most important draw is football - after all, we are in Hungary.

Arena Corner

It is one of the newest additions to the sports bar scene, and while it is on the Buda side, do not let the location discourage you. In fact, the nearby lake provides a welcome escape from the rushes of the city. Also, if you like a certain London based, red-and-white football club, this is the place to be on matchday. You are welcome.

John Bull

Established just after the fall of communism, John Bull is alltime classic in the city. You have live sports here all day round, catered to the international (well, mostly Brits that is) crowds that frequent this living legend of a pub. The beer is great, location likewise, atmosphere always a classic!

And remember

Once you are finished with your match of the day, you can always catch a beer bike tour! As the largest providers in the city, Beer Bike Budapest has something going on all year round, every day! Give us a call or book online for the easiest convenience!

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