Beer Bike Present Ideas

The beer bike Budapest rides are often frequented by two major groups. One is your usual gang of stag and hen parties, while the others are the one who celebrate something, usually a birthday. In this blog article we discuss the latter bunch of fellows!

We have found that going on a beerbike ride is often considered to be a great birthday program - and rightly so! What better way is there to celebrate one’s 21st, 30th or 40th birthday, than getting proper drunk with your best friends? Indeed, beerbike tours are an ideal way to kick-off any birthday celebration, but like most things, there is a way to do this properly. Here is our list of tips on how to throw a perfect beer bike celebration!

1. Reservation!

Last but not least, in order to throw a proper party, you need planning. Reservation is essential with a Budapest Beer Bike tour as - especially during the summer -, our free tous spots fill up quite quickly, and finding an opening a day before your party is often difficult. Book at least a week in advance!

2. Drinks!

The best birthday party for your beer bike adventure will require a surreal ammount of alcohol. Luckily, you are here to ride a beer bike, not a cake bike. (We should patent that, though...) Anyways, with your reservation do state the amount of beer and other drinks you intend to chug away, and please, never underestimate yourself! While 20 liters of beer does sound a lot, we often find that a proper birthday celebartion needs more rocket juice!

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