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Drink fine, ice cold beer with your friends on the ultimate party bike - our special beer bike - while passing the famous sights of Budapest!

Experience the craziest party on wheels on one of Budapest's iconic Beer Bikes! Music blasting from the speakers, beer flowing from the taps at the hands of beautiful barmaids and all your friends together, on the streets of Budapest!

We've been at it for so long that you cannot think of anything for your beer bike tour we cannot provide, try us!

Ideal for stag and hen parties, company events, team buildings or simply a good time with friends - the beer bike is always an unforgettable experience!

The Bike

  • Number of people: A minimum of 4 and a maximum of 16 people fit on the beer bike. 10 people at a time can pedal, 3 can take a rest on the bench and three lucky people can draw the beer for the others.
  • More beer bikes: We can organize tours for groups up to 100 people on several beer bikes.
  • Sober driver: The price includes the sober driver, who provides safe passage through traffic, so you only need to concentrate on partying.
  • Music on the beer bike: Bring your favorite music with you on smartphone or choose from the wide range of music available on our beer bike.
  • Bartender: For bachelor and bachelorette parties we could provide hot Hungarian hostess girls and host boys who draw the beer for you on the beer bike.

Simple Rules

  • Drinking: You need to be sober to start the beer bike tour! Strong drinks are not allowed on the beer bike.
  • Age limit: Only people over 18 can drink alcohol on the beer bike.
  • Peeing: Toilet breaks are a part of the tour. Peeing in public is strictly prohibited by law.
  • Littering: Littering and throwing cigarette butts is strictly forbidden, please use the bin and ashtray provided on the bike.
  • Sit and pedal: Please remain seated during the whole ride unless your driver says it's safe to stand up. To jump down is forbidden because it is dangerous and can cause accidents!
  • Yelling: Singing is allowed but please avoid screaming and yelling, as well as harassing pedestrians and other traffic participants





2 Hour Tour on


20L beer: 170€ / 50.000 HUF

30L beer: 200€ / 58.000 HUF

2 Hour Tour on


20L beer: 185€ / 54.000 HUF

30L beer: 210€ / 62.000 HUF





  • beer...30€ (8000 HUF) / 10L
  • soft drinks...2€ (600 HUF) / L
  • mineral water...1€ (300 HUF) / L
  • champagne...7€ (2000 HUF) / bottle (0,75L)
  • cider...2€ (600 HUF) / bottle (0,275L)
  • wine...10€ (3000 HUF) / 1,5L
  • mulled wine...5€ (1500 HUF) / L
  • prosecco...12€ (3600 HUF) / bottle (0,7L)
  • hostess...35€ (10500 HUF) / 2 hour
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